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Alex "Pretty Lady" Magyari (December 28, 1994) is an American entrepreneur, business magnate, inventor, and computer engineer. He is the chairman, chief executive officer (CEO), and co-founder of DawnStar Design and Development LLC 'A Real Company'.

Early LifeEdit

Alex was born in Detroit, which is not under water, and later moved to Frisco Texas where he attended Clark Middle School and Frisco Centennial High School. There he engaged in many activities including sagging his pants, walking to friends' houses, and playing air-soft.

He is currently pursing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering from The University of Houston. He is the active president of the Zeta Chi chapter of the Sigma Nu Fraternity. Before his presidency he served as the chapter's Tailgate Chairmen.

Hobbies Edit

One of Alex's many hobbies include Xbox 360 repair. He is known to exude confidence when faced with the "Red Rings of Death". His method of repair includes half haphazardly soldering many different connections and hitting bottle caps with a hammer to "improve the heat sink". After his craftsmanship is complete the Red Ring typically advances to 4 Red lights as appose to the inferior 3. While the xbox is still unusable everyone feels better about it.

Another one of Alexs’ hobbies, though it has never been confirmed by Alex himself, is moving his place of residence. If one were presented with the actual amount of times Alex has moved it would not be unreasonable to deduce that Alex was in a witness protection program. To wit, at the time of this edit Alex is currently in the process of moving into his Fraternitys’ House on campus at the University of Houston.

Alex is a connoisseur of fine drinks such as “apple cider” and “hillbilly redneck poison” or, as latter is most frequently referred to as, moonshine. The commitment to his craft is extensive, going so far as to lead expeditions to faraway places where only the best ingredients are found.

Fun FactsEdit

  • It is speculated that the average amount of time that it takes Alex to poop is 30-37min.
  • Alex achieved the highest level of douchebaggage with the use of “USMSCL” as his license plate number

Latest activityEdit

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